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Jumping the league
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SynopsisMike isn’t your typical Catholic priest – he has his own gun, likes to hunt and, to be frank his language is a little on the foul side. His best friend, Pat is the total opposite. In fact, Pat acts very much more like a real priest than Mike does. When Pat comes round to visit Mike they end up having a few drinks. As they drink, the conversation veers very naturally onto the subject of sex (or the lack thereof) as both guys are celibate (and thus think about it a lot) – one by choice of profession and the other because life has kind of gotten in the way. The lack of sex, however isn’t the only thing that isn’t all that satisfying. It turns out that neither is completely satisfied in their jobs and wish to ‘jump the league,’ as it were. They only need that small push to make them go in this comedy about a priest and his best friend.
InformationAdult ThemesMild SwearingComedy
Cast3M , two younger guys and one older (minimum 3)
Two young friends, a priest, an actor and the monsigneur
ProductionA messy priest's room
StatusAvailable for performance
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1_pdfsam_jumping the league full script with cover.pdfFri, 1st Jul 2016Jumping the league half scriptAvailable to print: £0.00Download here
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