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SynopsisThe year is 2026. The place The United States of New Eden (earth renamed). Andrew sits alone in his run down inner-city bedsit when. Seconds leter is home is raided. Andrew is arrested for looking at a pornographic magazine. Porn has been banned, along with most other things in this world now controlled by the Christian far right. So begins Andrew's journey towards the light, with help from a gang of rebel outlaws. However, the truth that Andrew seeks is a dark secret known only to the man at the top: President Reverend Johnny Thomas.
InformationAdult ThemesMild SwearingTragedyThrillerSurreal
Cast6M/2F + others (minimum 8)
ANDREW (mid/late-twenties), BUD ( thirties, tattooed punk), MARION (28, conformist but secret radical sympathiser), REV. JOHNNY THOMAS (70ís, President of USNE), STEVO (21, rebel), DEBBIE (18, rebbel, pregnant), PHILLIPS (30ís, FBI), ROLINGSON (20ís, FBI)
ProductionSet and costumes can be as little as is liked - some of play is presented on televisoon screens.
StatusAvailable for performance
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Anti-Porn (sample).docMon, 6th Dec 2004Sample of the script - first few scenesAvailable to print: £0.00Download here
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Sun, 26th Dec 2004 18:52jojo radcliffei tried to act dirty dancing at school and i was babey and joe was the lad he just so carnt dance i can though i go to a performing arts school and im a level 5
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Leon Fleming

I write both full-length and one-act plays mainly for my production company: Starting Voice Theatre Productions, but also welcome enquiries as to the licensing of existing plays and the commisioning of new plays.

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