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Ronnie the Fird
AuthorPASSMORE, Keith - Other Plays by this Author - Contact Author
SynopsisThe play is set at Weatherly College, a fictitious public school in the south of England during the early 1960ís. Ronnie Mills, a street wise Londoner, aged 16 years, whose parents were killed in a motor car accident is sent to the college by his wealthy grandfather. Ronnie is a keen student of History and has a great interest in The Plantagenet kings, particularly Richard III. The students pick up on Ronnieís interest and nickname him ĎRonnie the Firdí He is admired by retired college Professor Spindlethorpe who views Ronnie as a mature young man and a useful tool in helping to solve the social problems at the college. Ronnieís first social engagement is with the college bully, Henry Henderson, the son of a wealthy army officer and a benefactor of the college. Ronnie is subjected to a bout of name calling and punches Henderson, knocking him to the ground, narrowly escaping expulsion from the college. Henderson seeks revenge and Ronnie is involved in a series of confrontations with Henderson and his cohorts, including Jacobs, Hendersonís right hand man. The situation culminates in Ronnieís new found friend Jamieson being forced to fall from a balcony and admitted to hospital in a coma. The college is informed by the police there is no evidence against the bullies, who were cleverly disguised and no evidence of an attack is found on Jamiesonís body. The police consider the matter as being part of a schoolboy prank. However, a knife discovered close to the body reveals its owner as a member of Hendersonís gang and Ronnie helps to solve the problem and expose the members of the gang.
InformationSuitable for Under-16s to see
Cast14M 4FM (minimum 18)
Various and as detailed in script. The ages of the characters vary from 16 years to adult.
ProductionPlease peruse the script for details of staging and settings.
StatusAvailable for performance
Contact Details: (for other licences please contact the Author)
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Keith Passmore
Keith is a retired Drama teacher who emigrated to New Zealand in 1975.and has since lived in Auckland. He travels frequently to Europe, Asia and the USA and has a passion for France.He has written and directed a number of plays for children, teenagers and adults. He has also been an active member of amateur dramatic societies and has enjoyed a brief journey into professional theatre. However, life has not been brief and he is always searching for fresh ideas despite his age. He also submits English resources to a UK teaching organisation.

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