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SynopsisPHILLIP and FLORENCE, ex patriots from England, live in Jamaica. She is wealthy in her own right whilst he works as an assistant Director for a Foundation but relies on her financial support. FLORENCE, unable to cope with children, the birth of their child CHRYSTAL is left in the capable hands of HILDA, their Jamaican servant, whom FLORENCE dislikes intensely, but is most prized and supported by her husband PHILLIP. HILDA’S treatment of the baby is exemplary, goes far beyond the bounds of duty and is gladly aided and abetted by PHILLIP. FLORENCE gives him an ultimatum – HILDA must go and be replaced by another servant - or she returns to England leaving him to support the child. PHILLIP contracts an American photographer to work at the Foundation for three years but the contract did not have the approval of either the Committee or the Director and the Foundation do not have the necessary funds to provide equipment or the facilities for him to do his work. CHARLES, the Director of the Foundation, an Englishman, is a pompous overbearing womaniser, a racist and is married to TANYA, a beautiful Jamaican girl whom he treats abominably. Though she suffers many indignities at his hands she remains loyal and faithful to him. TONY, the photographer, unable to work and now thoroughly frustrated, takes matters into his own hands to rectify his situation – either the Foundation provide him with the necessary equipment to work – or let him go with three years full salary and his passage back to America. PAMELA, married to a wealthy entrepreneur and FLORENCE’S closest friend is a closet lesbian who attempts to seduce TANYA. Conflict abounds followed by, Island gossip, a mysterious attacker, suicide and murder.
Cast3M, 5F (minimum 7)
ProductionOne setting – a Jamaican living room, veranda and garden.
StatusAvailable for performance
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Pierre Syndica-Drummond
My name is Pierre, and was born in France, my father an Italian, born in Scotland, mother Greek. I was educated in England. I am an ex stage designer, New York fashion and food photographer, film maker, world traveller and now at seventy seven a writer for radio, stage and screen.

Having lived and worked in seven different countries I have known many people from many walks of life. And it is people I like to write about.

I also have my likes, dislikes, prejudices and most of all, I reject political correctness for it denies freedom of speech and no doubt, in the future, government’s will even find a way of controlling thought. After all the media have certainly made a good start.

Today we live in a world where extended families have been and are still being destroyed, one parent families are slowly becoming the norm, the very basic necessities of life such as heat, light and water are taxed for profit. Furthermore sex, sexual innuendo and lavatory humour are now permitted and presented as entertainment in literature, magazines and newspapers, radio, stage and screen.

And third, to my necessary need for food and money to survive, sex is mainly the subject in which I base all my scripts. I believe it is said that people born under the sign of Scorpio are highly oversexed and it is always advised that a writer should write what he knows, learned, has experienced and seen.

Therefore all my plays are based on people I’ve worked with, studied with, partied with, lived with and believe me I’ve met some real odd balls.

Therefore to entertain, there is always the need to dramatise which I sincerely hope you may find interesting and most of all theatrically worthy.

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