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Synopsis We take you on a journey through the glossy Sunday Supplement magazines. Exclusive stories, readers offers, celebrity interviews, gossip plus of course pages and pages of adverts to tempt you. This great new play is performed by a highly talented professional cast had its London run in 2004 to rave reviews from 'The Stage' and 'Metro' and it will rock your emotions, and introduce you to the people you read about behind all those words and pictures, as they come to life in front of your very eyes. Prepare to be shocked, humoured, concerned, turned on, informed, educated and above all entertained, as each artical comes to life. This play was further performed as drama studenst year end showcase in 2005 at Chelsea Drama and Arts Collage
InformationAdult Themes
CastMax 12 but can be performed with 6 6M, 6F or 3M 3F (minimum 6)
weight watcher of the year, IT Girl, Rentboy, Vicar, transexual, Wide boy, narrator, Rapper, Russian bride, domestic violence man, Mad Turner prize winner plus numerous secondary roles
ProductionSingle set, a typical Single man's bedroom in a posh flat. There is a cd of music for this production There is no charge for this but proof must be given that the theatre company have Public performance rights before autor will allow play to be performed.
StatusAvailable for performance
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Harry Denford
Headlining UK comedian, seen most weeks at Jongleurs/Comedy Store. First full lenght play had rave reviews from 'The Stage', current play is opening in London in Aug 05 and two regional theatres in July 05.

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