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SynopsisA side splitting yarn following four cabin crew, the pilots and passengers on a charter flight using Buchner’s theatrical technique which borrows on Brecht’s distinctions of the ‘Aristotelian’ dramatic and intertwined with Epic Theatre. then simply ‘Camped Up’ and set to the music and dance routines of ‘STEPS’. The four actors remain dressed as cabin Crew but play everyone on the flight. Professional run in 2005 at Londons Barons Court Theatre Regional theatres 'The Hawth' Crawley 'The Wilde Theatre' Bracknell
Cast2M 2F 1narratorM/F (minimum 5)
Cindy, MJ, Barry, Jez (cabin crew) other roles the actors play, 2 pilots, assortment of passengers, differant parts of aircraft, flying instructors, air traffic controllers, waiters, dad and young daughter, Make up experts, baggage handlers, check in staff and street dancers. Narrator also narrates as numerous passengers
Productionbasic set of one box big enough for two to sit on - for professional production, the production company expanded this to the back of a inside of a airliner but not required for the staging as all props are mimed. Loots of music and backround sounds with production, CD can be obtained fom author. Theatre company must have proof that they have Public performance music rights before permission granted. Licence issue from PPL £88.
StatusAvailable for performance
Please contact the Author: (for other licences please contact the Author)
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Harry Denford
Headlining UK comedian, seen most weeks at Jongleurs/Comedy Store. First full lenght play had rave reviews from 'The Stage', current play is opening in London in Aug 05 and two regional theatres in July 05.

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